Storm's Tribute Page

Hell fellow campers!! Just lookin’ ta get some feedback on my Tribute Page project. Took me a while, but i think I’ve got it finished. I really value any feedback ya’ll can give me. Thanks in adavance!!!

I prefer more contrast for easier reading in the text section. Nice choice of colors otherwise. In the CSS bottom-padding should be padding-bottom. You use the id img-caption more than once.

Thanks for the advice! I changed the text color to stand out more. Got rid of the padding-bottom altogether since it wasn’t doing anything lol. I kept kept the img-caption the same, though, since i want them to match anyways. I really appreciate your input :grinning:

Then you should change img-caption to a class since each id should be unique. Glad I could help. Good work!

Ok gotcha! Will do! Thanks for the advice!!!