Story #6 in Borlaug example?

For 1st project Tribute Page user story #6, I am seeing the id in the html section element but I do not see a # in the css section referring to the id. What am I missing?

The test needs to check you have certain elements on your page, it does that by seeing if there are elements with specific IDs. It’s an ID, it doesn’t need any styling attached to it

thank you for the response, sorry for delayed reply.
Are you saying that sometimes the id is NOT referring back to a hashtag in the css. I did not know this. Is it to help screen readers?
Because now in project 2 responsive web development the user story two is asking for another id for description, and i’m not really sure why. I can easily add it and describe what the page is. Is that all that is necessary? I was thinking the code to id had to have a hashtag to refer back to.