Strange Problems with Test Suite: Product Landing Page

I am having strange problems with my test suite. I had gotten all of the test to pass. Then, I went back and restyled my page. When I reloaded the page to It now fails for the navbar test, but I didn’t do anything to the navbar and the navbar does stay at the top of the viewport. Even worse, I get 3 failures offline for the same code in Chrome. 1 the navbar. 2 it says it lacks a media query. 3 it says it lacks the use of flex. Firefox has the same issue as codepen with the navbar, but not the other 2 (offline and online w/ codepen).

Test Suite
<script src=""></script>
I’d appreciate any explanation. This is not the only project that I’m having these difficulties with.

that’s because top attribute in #nav-bar is set to 30px. separated from the top.
In orden to pass the test, the nav-bar must be just in the top.

#nav-bar {
	position: fixed;
	top: 0px; /* Change this */
	left: 5%;
	margin-left: 1%;
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Thanks for the reply Ricardo,
The change does get my code to pass on codepen, so I can turn my project in. Additionally, it does get that test to pass offline.
However, the same code cut and pasted over to sublime and then run in chrome locally still fails for not having a media query and for not having flex applied. It’s not the worst problem in the world, as I can load it to codepen, but it is time consuming and something that I would like to figure out, as I am offline a lot.

  1. Do I have a problem with my browser?
  2. Do I have an old copy of the test suite?
  3. Should I report it as a bug?