Strange things are happening!

Hi, I just started today- came over from grasshopper app, and decided to try something new. Already running into problems… in this one, all I did was type the open paragraph tag, then “kitty” and it went all crazy and added duplicate code, and another “kitty”.

Another one added added 1 or 2 lines as I typed the open tag of an “h2” line, and
about 8 lines of duplicate code when I added the last carrot “>” of the close tasine Wow… I can’t even type a forum post without WiredWeird problems! The cursor iiis jumping all over the place!

the freecodecamp editor is best used on a desktop device
but you can try this:

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Ok, wow. This website is possessed! I was trying to say “… close tags of the same line of text”, only my cursor decided to jump around and land in the middle of random words, so then nothing made sense!
Im using the latest (I think) version of firefox on a Samsung Galaxy S10e. (In case that’s helpful at all…)
Thanks in advance!
Also, here’s another example of randomly added code. I think this one was just a result of manually typing the “>” character in the open tag, and then I used the “pop-up suggested tag” for the close tag, and nothing unusual happened.

the freecodecamp editor was not designed to be compatible with touch devices. You can see if one of te keyboards in that article are useful for you.

If you are able to use a desktop device you will not have this issue.

Sorry, didn’t see your first reply right away.
Yeah, I’ll definitely try one of the keyboards. I don’t have a computer right now, so gotta make the phone work as best I can.