Strategies for porting current project to EF Core and .Net Core

My company is ramping back up a project that has been in production for about 3 years. They are wanting to add features to the current SPA as well as update the technology. I have been task to look into porting/migrating the project to EF Core and .Net Core.

Just to give a bit of background of myself. I am the first developer on this project and this is my first job as a developer. My experience level is more junior than not. The project head is still trying to hire another developer as well as a Lead. But in the mean time he has had me update the front end to the latest packages and now he wants to migrate/port the backend.

Currently the project uses Entity Framework 6.2.1 and .Net Framework 4.6.1 . My research recommends moving to EF Core first. However in order to that I need to migrate to .Net Framework to 4.7.2. As someone who has no experience in doing this I was hoping to get some feedback and strategies for doing so.

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