Stress and Anxiety

I had no intension of giving tough competitive exams yet I had to. No matter how I think not to, society is controlling our life and me. It gives me anxiety and stress every time I think about it. I was an average student in my school and I didn’t really hope to be successful in these things. Can anyone guide me in my journey of life?

Hi there,
what kind of exam do you need to pass?

It’s a competition held all over India in which more than a million students participate for getting into some known collages and universities.

oh I know that. If you need to take it, go for it but practice positive thinking and meditation a lot before taking the exam.

You need to learn how to force positive thinking in certain situations, and that requires practice. I use Oak, it has some guided versions but you may start anywhere.
Learn how to calm yourself. this is like a training muscles. You need to repeat it over and over again.

Who/What is “society”?

Why do you get this?
Where does it come from?
Is stress bad?

What do you think you’ll get when “someone out there” guides you in your journey of life?
Is it even yours, when some other person guides you?

Now I feel bad about giving her/him an advice. But this something that helped me

it’s your life

but maybe you can find someone that can help you through the way, and manage your stress and anxiety. Have you ever though about searching professional mental health support?