Strike tag inside a fraction, is there a way to do it?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been trying to generate a fraction (in HTML) where the denominator and numerator appear strike out as a way to demonstrate the steps being take to solve it and so far nothing works for me… any suggestions are welcome!!

So far I’ve been using all the tags listed here here under the “strike” tab and there’s nothing about including the tag inside fractions.

Please let me know of any suggestions. Thanks!

Thanks, yeah MathJaxis my best option for now sighs I wanted to recreate formulas like in here Math help, I’m getting there.

If you are doing mathematical formulas then you might want to look into MathJax. Someday maybe all browsers will get around to supporting MathML, but until then I think MathJax is probably the best alternative.

But if that is not an option then I think it would be helpful if you posted the relevant HTML so we can see what you are trying to do.

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Thanks yeah MathJax. is my best option, had to watched several tutorials (a little bit slow here) but I’m getting there.

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