String contained in variable will not display in table

Hi, I’m having trouble displaying a String that is stored in an array called board. The String “boo” is stored in an array called board in index [0] it displays when interpolated inside the <h3> tags but not within the html table of the code below. Thanks for taking a look.

   $('.playScreen').html('<h3>Tic Tac Toe '+board[0]+'</h3><br><table><tr><td class="box1">' +board[0]+ '</td><td class="box2">boo</td><td class="box3"></td></tr><tr><td class="box4"></td><td class="box5"></td><td class="box6"></td></tr><tr><td class="box7"></td><td class="box8"></td><td class="box9"></td></tr></table>');

With this code the first board[0] inside the <h3> displays
The second board[0] does not display inside the first <td>
The string ‘boo’ displays inside the next


Hi Randel, thanks for editing and looking at my code. Here is a link to my codepen project

Yes, the board[0] that contains the string “boo” is not displaying in my Tic Tac Toe grid

Awesome! thanks again for looking. I didn’t even consider the css thought it was an error with my jQuery.

Wow! never knew you could do that. You’re right that would greatly reduce my code.