Stripe memory leak = slower and slower FCC page

freeCodeCamp gets slower and slower the longer I have it open. It starts out perfectly fine and the Monaco (I believe it is the Monaco) editor runs great. After about an hour or two though, the page has slowed down to a crawl and there is a noticeable lag for every character I type.

I used the Firefox Task Manager tool to inspect the site, and it seems that some Stripe code is leaking memory because it begins to eat up 600+ MB and that is when things get really slow.

Upon doing some searching, I found this Stack Overflow post, which claims that the Stripe checkout component has a memory leak. I wonder if the donation prompt is thus leaking memory?

Do what you will with this information.


Welcome there.

Thank you for bringing this up. We are aware of the issue, and will hopefully get a fix out soon.


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