Struggles as a Freelancer

Hey Guys, I am a Newbie in a Freelancing world. I just finished a course teaching the basic Freelancing tasks ( Virtual Assistance tasks, SMM , SEO, Content Writing). I just want to ask what’s your struggles and difficulties as freelancer? Thanks

  1. Getting your first clients. Getting the foot in the door is always the hardest.
  2. Doing all the administrative tasks (legal stuff, taxes)
  3. Staying organized and disciplined
  4. Finding a work-life balance, setting boundaries on work time
  5. Social isolation (if you are working alone from home)
  6. Figuring out your hourly rate
  7. Knowing how much money you need to earn to cover your recurring expenses
  8. Saving up for retirement

These are just a few. All of them are manageable, however, it’s something every freelancer needs to contend with.