Struggling to find a job

I’m going to repeat something @astv99 mentioned…

Make sure all your correspondence is reviewed for the above. If you need to, use word processing software to write your text-copy and then copy/paste it into your website, profile, email or wherever you are using it.

Thanks. I’m using grammarly (free version), and I integrated it with MS Word. Absolutely amazing!
EVERYTHING job search related goes through grammarly or ms word (with grammarly)

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another thing:

Triplebite and codefights

have you tried them?

I-d try the first and after I get good and solve sufficient challenges, will go for triplebyte.

1 Like try getting experience with small jobs.

I am so Happy to see your positive criticism. This will really help him and others who see this post.

I got tech jobs by walking in the door and asking about positions. I have even got interviews right on the spot doing this and jobs. It is a little nerve racking, but if you are honest and are willing to learn they may just take you in.

Research the company at least a little before walking it. You could drive up to their parking lot do a google search about them, then walk in. Make sure to have a resume with you about your tech skills.

You can go to the a local college or high school even and ask them to look at your resume online and your printed one (for grammar errors and layout issues, etc.)

Also, Linkedin - Network with everybody in every company you might want to join. It is simple as asking people how they became a programmer in their company and how could you become one there? Learn about the companies you are looking at.

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Might have to try this soon. Though it may feel kind of strange just walking in the door to a random company, that might not even be working off Node.js, but the results are probably better than doing nothing at all.

It feels kind of overwhelming with all the advice and so many different things I should be doing along with a job, but going in in person definitely seems like its worth it (although quite time consuming).

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Think of it this way.

You get an email:
Hi Sir , could you hire me, I am only a figment of your imagination.


Glad to shake your hand - I love this work, I am willing to go the distance to be your best employee you have ever seen. This work is my love, and if you hire me, you won’t regret it.

Be honest, confident, positive, respectful. People love that. Go on and look at interview questions to get you prepared a little bit. It is more about how confident, happy, and respectful you are than always what you say.


Your concern is same as the majority of graduates these days. But in such a scenario, you can’t do anything except attempting more interviews or trying something different which can make you a living. As there is no confirmation about when you will get the job, its always better to keep a safer side by trying some other earning methods like doing occasional events or freelancing. However, these things may also take time (depends on your region and market), but who knows what will happen next. A lot of freelancers have started the same way and now they are doing good.

Below is the list of various freelance websites. I think you should atleast give few of them a try:

Agreed. I think your advice is solid.

I agree. Spelling errors, even minor ones, can make the difference between your resume being rebuffed and an interview.

Hey guys. Thanks for the help and advice. I took a 1 month downturn/slow down but I’m back at it again.

I added a new fullstack project to my portfolio, redesigned my blog and portfolio, made 2 versions of my resume (one is friendly to ATS software, the other is more styled), and am applying as much as I can where ever I can. I also figured out how to deploy a project on AWS EC2 and use Nginx.

I’m looking on Craigslist, trying to directly email people at companies and am planning to go apply in person to a few local tech companies in my city.

I still feel like I need to do more projects or portfolio work before I’m ready to apply, as if I’m not good enough yet but if I fallow that then I’ll never be ready.

I also get a sense that my portfolio projects could be better in some way, maybe the code could be cleaner, the UI better and prettier, more efficient or performent, or some other thing that I could add. But I’ve gone down that path before and a 1 week project ends up turning into a 2-3 week project. Maybe I’m wrong, but I find that at times I put lot of effort and time into something trivial because maybe an employer will notice it.


New Portfolio and Blog site
New project

I checked your site, looks good. Just keep making projects, continually improve your existing projects (do sprints where you allot a day and you just work on that one selected project). Eventually I think you’ll land a job.

I don’t understand though the “New project” link above. There’s no introduction, explanation or something.

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Thanks. Just Keep Swimming (or you drown) seems like the way to go.

As for the new project, that’s a new fullstack project I completed. And yes, I should add a home page/description to it.

your website looks amazing!!! I can’t believe your not getting any jobs… Seriouly, I have a long way to go to get as good as you.

Hi Sir…Can you please help me with Javascript programs.I have tried too many times and done about 80% of the program but unable to pass the test cases. Sir can you please help me

Did you mean to say Arduino in your resume?
You made some other mispelling errors as well…

I’m not sure what you are talking about. This is a thread about finding a job. If you have a question about a specific challenge, please start a new thread and tell us exactly what your problem is. If you use the “Ask for help” button on the challenge, it will do some of the work of asking for you.

Thank you Sir.I will do the same.

In response to: “What am I doing wrong. Why am I not getting interviews?”

I have been working as a web developer for over 10 years now and have met some very intelligent developers, some of whom never even graduated high school. From my experience, a senior level developer and occasional hiring manager, work experience matters because some programmers are very difficult to work with. There are a few main things to focus on outside of your superb programming skills: Prove your worth, Stand out from the crowd, Personality, Work experience

I have been noticing more and more how there are a lot of developers out there burning bridges and making it increasingly difficult for young, fresh developers to start their own careers. Clients have told me time and again that their developer fell off the map, didn’t finish the project and ran, is a huge jerk, etc. Some developers ‘feel’ as though they are right all of time, that they know it all or maybe even just get in over their heads on a project too large for them. It only takes one bad relationship with a developer for a company to become skeptical of hiring another one. Its a trust issue. That is where you can shine. Prove that you are not like that other guy/girl and are capable of finishing their project professionally and in a timely manner. It should reflect in your resume/portfolio as well.

Personality goes a long way!! You may be the smartest, craftiest programming wiz out there but if you are not also friendly and enjoyable to be around, no one is going to want to work with you. Let’s face it, most companies hire developers because we have a skillset that they either don’t know enough about or would prefer to hire a professional to take care of for them. That does NOT necessarily mean that an employer is willing to put up with just anyone to get the job done. Just like with every other position at the company, the employer expects professionalism, coworker cohesion and expertise from the new web developer.

Lack of work experience may be the reason more companies aren’t beating down your door. Did you collaborate with anyone on those projects in your resume? if so, add some details about that relationship. If you have never worked as a developer for another company, well then you may have to add your job working at the mall or the super market to show that you can get up and clock in everyday. Find a way to relate it to the job. (Cashier experience === ‘Quick learner’, ‘you work well with others’, can master new software’, ‘are responsible’ ) and most importantly you can take orders and make decisions on your own.

My point?

You may want to repackage yourself as a fun, energetic professional with limited but beneficial work experience, who knows how to get the job done in a timely manner and can play well with others. That is the candidate I choose every time when hiring a new employee.