Struggling to find part time coding job (20h/w) at Sydney

Hi, guys

I worked 5 years as front end developer for several international companies at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I moved to Sydney 4 months ago for acquiring Bachelor of IT (i got a diploma at FPT Education allied with Aptech Computer Education at Ho Chi Minh city), i have looked a part time coding job for several months (with student visa, i can not work more than 20 hours/week). But i have not found one , some companies call me but they only need full time candidate. There are not many part time coding job at Sydney or i have not looked in the right place yet ?

Wow you’re lucky! Why not just pursue remote work? You’re way more than qualified. is just one site.

Also search for remote spots. Not innovative answer but wanted to share just incase.

Good luck either way.

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Thank you very much !
but most of the jobs there are remote full time, taking up at least 40h/w. I prefer part time job 20h - 30h/w. So that i have time for study. Anyway thank you for your reply!