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I finished the cs50x course and did a lot of research into what I want to pursue as a career and realised Backend and desktop applications(Potentially Games in the future) or maybe mobile development is what I want to aim for. I am wanting to learn C++ but im struggling since I have no idea what resources or goals to aim for to help me practice and gain more knowledge, I absolutely love the way they taught in cs50x since it was mainly practical but also gave a lot of help, but I also want to be able to self-study reliably. I would also like to know what company’s would want skill wise for Junior Developers and/or Apprenticeships so I can get a general idea.

It seems you have not yet decided the path you want to pursue.

First, you have to decide what career path would suit you.
Backend, Desktop apps, potentially games or mobile mostly require different technologies and you probably won’t hit anything if you aim for 5 different targets.

There are plenty resources online for each which makes the self-study process reliable.

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I would recommend you to begin learning one programming language (a must for every tech path). During the first months of this process, you will begin to gain insight, step by step about what you really would like to do. would I feel conformable doing this forty hours per week?
Do not waste too much time only planning your path. Instead, go planning your path while at the same time, you learn one language. There are many general languages, C#, Python, Java. Pick one, and don’t worry too much, in any case, you will need to know Object Oriented Programming.
Wish you the best.

The inspiration that the cs50x gave you was great, but you clear most of your doubts, when you start to make projects. Be patient, be constant.
I recommend you by the moment to pick One of these, learn the basis of coding, and then examine: What would I want to do with this new knowledge/skill?

Wish you the best in whichever path you choose.
Hope this helps

I usually recommend what I like to call “starting backwards”. In that you start with the job posts in your area themselves to figure out what employers are looking for. This way you can get an idea of what they are expecting, and paying. From the job postings, you can setup some goals for what you can go out and learn, or decide more what you want to do.

I’d start with these 3 jobs and see what they are looking for for entry level in your area. Its possible some of these are harder to get, as there are fewer jobs available in general and thus have higher requirements.

Its worth nothing these 3 don’t have too much overlap, so you might have to choose between them or continue to be a jack of all trades, which may slow you down with being viable with any of the 3 options, but give you a lot of experience in the process.

From knowing what kind of stuff you want to learn, you can get more direct help on the given topic, or just google-search your way to finding more resources on helping you with a given set of technology.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

Thank You for your message, I will try do some more research on each of them and decide on one to pursue. Many thanks for your insight.

I decided to learn C++ since I like the complexity of the language and the cs50x course did a lot on C which I really enjoyed (Even though I have learned to hate “;”). and I Will take your advice of focusing on learning a language while I plan out what I want to do in the future. Thank you very much for your advice.

I did research previously into what is in the area, to be honest there is quite a wide range, so I have decided to start with C++ and focus on learning that language first, Mainly since it is a quite complex language and I have a little experience with C from cs50x. I think once I can build a project with good understanding of a lot of the concepts of programming and don’t feel confused I will start to branch out and learn different languages. Thank you very much for your message.

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