Struggling to put images inline

Hi everyone.

I am struggling to put three vertical images inline (vertically). i am using different ways to do that and i don’t know how to do that. may you help me?

Well I can not see the images, because they are being blocked by probably because you are hot-linking which is against your terms of service.

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I can see some images under your projects.

You can try playing with flexbox. Make the ul a flex container and then flex-direction: column. ie:

section ul {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;

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I dont know why but it is not working :confused: . it is weird.

maybe that’s why the code is not working!


It works fine in “Chrome”,

section ul { width: 100% } and
section ul li { display: block; text-align: center;}

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Hi, nothing happened. i dont know why. ;/


Try it in Chrome

Can you post what you tried in code here?

i fixed using Sujith3021 code.

  ul, li, img{
    section ul { 
     width: 100%;
section ul li { 
  display: inline-block; 
  text-align: center;

It wasn't fixing and when i got the  last code tip i forget to close the bracket as well. now it is working.