Struggling to understand why I should care

I got a degree in CS a few years ago that was put on hold when life stuff forced me away from all of it. So I’m coming back to it again with zero work experience and having forgotten a lot of it. I was really enjoying the responsive web at first. It was nice to actually have time to dig into various things that interested me rather than having to meet a class deadline and move on to the next topic after barely scratching the surface.

But as I am trying to complete these projects, I feel less and less motivated. After spending a week learning about flexbox and css grids from outside sources, I am still not able to make a header with a logo and a nav bar for the 4th project that doesn’t look like a colossal hunk of garbage. I’m realizing I simply hate CSS more than when I first learned it for my degree. I marvel at people who can do it and care about it, but it’s not for me.

Can anyone explain why this matters and why fCC recommends starting here? I’m not sure why I shouldn’t just skip ahead to JS at this point…

My two cents: skip.
Especially because you don’t care enough about making things look good. (Everyone finds css hard at first and the only thing that keeps them learning it -in my view- is a deep desire to make things look a certain way. If you don’t feel that, there is no point.)

In other words, some people enjoy css and they really want to learn the nitty gritty of it and make beautiful and honestly astounding things with it.
While some of us though are just happy we can read it and have a general idea about how it works.

As you know, there is a lot more to learn out there so moving on is definitely a good plan. Plus, you can always come back if you feel like learning more css. (Say at the time the js projects are being created)


You can’t really do web dev without learning HTML and CSS. They are they foundation of web development and that is the focus of FCC. It makes complete sense to start there.

That being said, some people don’t enjoy them, myself included. I found JS a lot more fun. If you have a CS degree, maybe doing backend work would be a better fit.

That being said, learning the basics of HTML and CSS will make you a better development. And that is all FCC is teaching, the basics.

But The JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section is 100% independent - you don’t need any HTML or CSS to do it. So, you could skip ahead to it, or do them in parallel, to alleviate your boredom.

I would also add that you are going to encounter a lot of things you don’t enjoy in life, especially in your working life. If your response is, “this is boring, I don’t like this, I’m going to skip it…”, then you may find you have difficulty succeeding in life and work. Sometimes that is the right response. But sometimes the best response is to muster up some self-discipline, power through, and put it behind you.

As to coming back after a break, a lot of it will come rushing back as you use it.

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