Struggling with javascript basics

Hello guys, i’m currently trying to complete Java Script basics, i don’t want to cut and past answers because i really want to understand the concept before moving to E63. Are there any suggestions on any YouTube tunnel that is good in explaining the concept


Well, I don’t watch videos, so I cannot give my personal experience, but there are videos from Free Code Camp. Particularly, this one is about JavaScript.

Is it, thanks skaparate… let me check them out

Hello @mashamaitesamuel!

I do not know any specific channels in YouTube, but usually by looking for “concept name” and “language name” together you can find some helpful videos, usually the ones with most accesses.

However you can check out written references such as:

There you can browse for the concepts you are trying to understand better.
I believe that receiving different explanations on the same concepts usually helps clarifying it.

My other suggestion would be that when you find a piece of code that is supposed to work/be the solution you are looking for but you do not understand, try posting it here and asking for someone to explain it to you what it is doing, maybe that will help!

Hope it helps!

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wow, thanks leonardo… i’m sure i’ll start posting the problems. i think because html and css there where immediate visualized results, it made more sense… but JS there are no results shown