Struggling with my output

Hi everyone, I’m doing this simple project ’ calculate percentage’, here is the link to my codepen:
I can’t find out why my function doesn’t work when I put in the input value.
p/s: I haven’t added any CSS.


At a first glance, I believe the issue is here:

function calculate (){
  var inCome = document.getElementById("income").value;var people = document.getElementById("people").value;// input
if (inCome == 0)  alert("Please enter values");
  else if (people === ""){people = 1;}
else if (inCome <= 0 || people < 0 )
alert("fault values");
else return; //this line. Return ends a function.
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Those if statements definitely should get a little review, but the console (button is on the bottom left in codepen) tells you what’s the actual error:

TypeError: spendOnSaving.tofixed is not a function

(you just misspelled tofixed)


Thanks a lot, I’ll take a look at my condition statement

Hi there, A big thanks to you. I’ll take a look at my condition statement like you say. :partying_face: