Stuck at a challenge that i'm not sure i have the qualifications for yet

I had no issue regarding the challenges up until i faced the second project that i’m supposed to make which is the portfolio thingie , just by looking at the example i’m pretty sure i’m not qualified yet for such project , anyways , what i’m trying to ask is whether i can keep completeling challenges until i feel like i’m capable of completeling the project or not.

How dare you. You are the first person in the history of this camp to feel lost on the projects. Oh, no, wait, it’s the opposite of that. Yes, many of us have been lost. Many of us have had that, “Wait. Did I somehow skip ahead three sections?” feeling. FCC is not an exhaustive program - they do not hold your hand and teach you every little detail. They give you a basic introduction and then expect you to explore and learn as you need. In some ways this is a good thing - if you are working as a developer, the boss isn’t going to ask you to do something and then give you a tutorial. You can’t learn everything in web dev (and it keeps growing and changing) so being able to research and figure things out is crucial.

That being said, if you’ve reached this point, you should have the basic tools to do this, even if you haven’t realized how to put them together yet.

This is the standard advice I give to people facing this:

I think one of the great lessons from the movie The Martian is that when you are confronted with a problem to large too comprehend, break it into smaller pieces and work those problems. Don’t think that you need to solve the entire problem all at once – that’s for the pros. Just take on one little problem at a time. Keep breaking things up into smaller problems until you get down to a problem small enough to handle.

Let’s look through the user stories.

  1. User Story: I can view a tribute page with an image and text.

OK, can you create a web page in codepen? Do you know how to add text? Don’t move on until you can. Can you add an image? Don’t move on until you can. Do you know how to manipulate and format these? Don’t move on until you can. Seriously, don’t move on until you can do any of these steps.

  1. I can click on a link that will take me to an external website with further information on the topic.

Do you know how to put a link into a web page?

My advice is to break things into small problems and test them. Don’t get too complicated too fast. Don’t make 10 changes at once until you’re a good enough coder to do that. Make one change and test. Make another change and test. Etc. And don’t get too complicated if you don’t need to.

Research those small problems and test them. Read-search-ask - it’s a great motto. If you get to the point where you are stumped, then ask the forum, but be specific. Don’t say “I’m stumped on this build.” Say, “I can’t figure out how to put a link into a page.” Ask for small, specific problems and you’ll get better results. (And you could probably google that first and get 1000 results.)

Lastly, see what others have done. Yes, you can look at other people’s pages. Obviously try for yourself first, but if you’re stuck, see how someone else did it. As long as you understand what they did, you’re still learning.

Just keep it simple. You can go back and spruce it up later. This is what I did. I fully intend to go back and clean it up and improve it later, but its good enough for now.

Relax. Go back to basics. Ask specific questions.

Let us know if you get stuck. That’s why we’re here.


i’m totally that kind of person anyways , that’s the thing about programming , slowly then all at once , just one last question, will it be only projects from now on ?

Nope, you should still have all the javascript challenges incoming!

but none are incoming since the popup of the first project of tribute , then followed by the portfolio one.

Look at the map:

You can go to the map here:

The popups go in order to guide you to the next challenge, so once you complete the portfolio, you will be given the popup for the upcoming JavaScript challenges you see in the map.

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