Stuck at Challenge One of Quality Assurance (Learn how assertions work )

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Hello there. I’m currently seeking help on the first challenge of the Quality Assurance certification. I can’t get my tests to pass. I have checked multiple solutions online and all are similar to the snippet below

// #1
    test('#isNull, #isNotNull', function () {
      assert.isNull(null, 'This is an optional error description - e.g. null is null');
      assert.isNotNull(1, '1 is not null');

All three tests in the challenge fail. Please help me debug this. Thanks

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Challenge: Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

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Solved. I opened the console then submitted the challenge again. It seems the cors part was failing, so I opened server.js and below the

const runner = require('./test-runner');

part, added the following code:


All tests passed without any additional changes .

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