Stuck at Design of Things

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on Responsive Web Design Projects. I accomplished passing the tests for the first two projects - Tribute Page & Survey Form in 2 days. Working on the styling part is what always brings a stop. It took me 4 days to style the Tribute page just as it has been done in the shared link in the User Story page. I want to accomplish things, maybe I am more of an analytical person and not much creative.

Also I have this habit of making everything perfect. And when I don’t see the things moving as they should be (which should be totally perfect), it demotivates me. Maybe I don’t have enough patience. The overall thing is I slow down on my work when it comes to design. I am aware that a web developer needs to have a creative side too.

I hope you understand my perspective, and I want to move past this “stuck on design” scenario. Any suggestions on how I should be proceeding, what I am missing.

My advice is to be curious : mark down every site/code snippet/css that enchant you and look at how it was made.
I was stuck on the same point but, after months , it’s all fluid and it works as expected.
The important part is : look around, get inspired, play with css and you will see that in a couple of weeks this behaviour will change!