Stuck at last test of Pomodoro Clock

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So I was trying to finish this Pomodoro Clock challenge. I managed to pass 28 out of 29 tests after multiple attempts, but have no clue how to solve this Audio Test: "When a countdown reaches zero (NOTE: timer MUST reach 00:00), a sound indicating that time is up should play. "

Any help would be great!

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Challenge: Build a Pomodoro Clock

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I think I figured it out. Your audio doesn’t play when the clock hits 00:00, it plays when the clock loads the next session/break.

 if (time == -1) {

This is why.

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Okay good point, but I set time == -1 so that this execution will be triggered when the remaining time == 0, it shouldn’t affect the audio playing

Right, so at time == -1 it runs the audio and switches the session. Switching the session is correct, but it should run the audio at time == 0 because you want the audio to play when the clock displays 00:00, not after.

I just edited my code based on your advice and it passed. Thank you so much my friend!

I’m glad I could help! Now take a moment to celebrate your success!