Stuck at TwitchTV Project

Hello Campers!
I am totally stuck at TwitchTv Project. :cold_sweat: . Since yesterday, I am just looking at the API docs and I wasn’t able to gain any insight about how to use it. The project says that I have to use the harcoded JSON to display the data. But I don’t know what to display (i.e. relevant info). It would be really great if someone would point me to an appropriate and updated Resource/ Documentation/ Article for the same. If there’s some other API that I could use in place of TwitchTv one, that’d work too. :smiley:
Thanks in advance!
Priyank Kharat.

Read this bit:

Combine this knowledge with instruction #9:

UPDATE: Due to a change in conditions on API usage explained here now requires an API key, but we’ve built a workaround. Use instead of twitch’s API base URL (i.e. ) and you’ll still be able to get account information, without needing to sign up for an API key.

Thanks for the info!
But the link New API Link is still giving a 404 error. So I can’t query to it.

The answers you seek are in the links I provided. From the first:

Here’s an example call to fetch Free Code Camp’s Twitch channel data:
$.getJSON('’, function(data) {

From the second:

Use instead of twitch’s API base URL (i.e. )

Thank you so much!!
Finally Completed the project. Here’s the Project Link.
Your advice was a big help! :blush: