Stuck? Confused? My FCC Experience

Hi all,

I just wrote an article about my experience here, entitled “Why freeCodeCamp is Magnificent.” I hope it helps you, especially if you are stuck, lost, or confused. Cheers


Great article! I enjoyed reading it and totally agree about the utility and value of Free Code Camp.

Could you talk a little more about the hackathon you mentioned in the article? I am very interested in attempting a hackathon in the future but currently have little knowledge about them.

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Thanks for the write up. Really enjoying the program so far and you’re right the community is the best part!

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Sure! So, the hackathon that I attended was held at a Code Academy in Southern California. We were split up into random teams of 4 people and then given 2 keywords and told to make a finished application within 24 hours. The 2 keywords my group was given were “Felony” and “Productivity.” For this, we decided to make a functioning website which is similar to a “craigslist jobs for convicted felons trying to turn their life around.” If you were an employer, you could create an account and make a job posting. If you were a convicted felon, you could create an account and make a profile, as well as apply for jobs.

We worked pretty much the entire 24 hours, except I took a 2 hour sleep break and we went on walks throughout the time to get out since we were downtown. We were also supplied with unlimited pizza, coffee, and beer.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell for my end of things. I created the API for it, meaning that the rest of the team built an Angular front-end which connected to my API URLs and pulled and pushed JSON data to them; a great example of how you can set up a platform-independent back-end. I used ASP.NET Web API 2 for this along with SQL Server. The rest of the team were working on Views, factories, etc and the editor of choice there seemed to be Atom. I worked in Microsoft Visual Studio for my portion.