Stuck.. CSS Grid/ <p> dissapearing behind image

Hi gang,

I’ve embarked on creating the Tribute Page. I’ve never created or coded before so any help, no matter how obvious it may seem, is welcome :smile:

I passed all 10 tests, added a CSS grid and everything was working smoothly (ish) until I realised that the very top paragraph is dissapearing behind the image when the media query changes the photo size.

Could anyone help me out please?

This is the current link to my tribute page.

And the exact paragraph I’m referring to:

              <p id="introduction-statement">
                The man who studied and interpreted the Eastern philosophies for a Western audience.

Please and thank you,


If you just keep the first row set to auto (and not change it to 50px) that should work and you shouldn’t have to change it in the media queries.

Damn it, you’re right.

I ended up deleting the rows in the media queries after the changes like (i think?) you suggested, worked wonders :slight_smile: