Stuck! Embedded Video Layout - CSS

Hello all :slight_smile:

I am currently working on my Product Landing Page and I have embedded 3 videos into my page. I am having an issue getting each video to remain within each section’s container:

I believe I have set up the correct code for the iframes and the parent container for each section [module], but the videos are all populating way outside of the containers and they are also overlapping one another. Obviously I am missing something or have parameters wrong but I can’t find what or where yet…

Any help is immensely appreciated! Thanks in advance!

-Darwin :frog:

Ok, so I’m dumb. 30 seconds after I posted this I think I found the issue. I had my module height set at an arbitrary 300px. Once I changed that the videos all popped into place. Sorry and thanks for reading if you don’t see this message!

  • Darwin :frog: