Stuck here! Override Class Declarations by Styling ID Attributes

see the screenshot for a better reference of my code since the format here doesn’t show it properly: code — Postimages

body { background-color: black; font-family: monospace; color: green; } .pink-text { color: pink; } .blue-text { color: blue; } #orange-text { color: orange; } <h1 id="orange-text"

class=“pink-text blue-text”>Hello World!

I’m stuck here guys, I understand the code is just fine but somehow it asking me for: Your h1 element should be orange.


Hi, Where’s the opening and closing Style Tags?
hope it helps

hi there, it should be there, this is my first post and dunno much how to post with the format properly. p.s.: Editing now.

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For those who wonders around here, my solution was to uninstall my browser’s dark mode extension and voila.

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