Stuck in a loop in life. Please help


What should I do in this situation? This has been happening to me since a lot of time and I have given up again and again.

So, I can’t understand some things in one language from one source and end up giving up reading from there and start everything again from another source or just start another language. Same thing will happen again and I would procrastinate and get frustrated.

For example, now the situation is that I started FCC curriculum and I am going through JavaScript Regular Expressions. I could not understand many things in ES6 as well. Slowly, I am like I should do JS from W3SCHOOLS.COM.
But… I realized that this is a vicious circle that I am stuck in. I will go through the same things again and again to recollect and never get anywhere.

Please Help!!!


Learn one language, learn it well. These are bite size lessons. You can expand with things like

You don’t know JS



Yes I agree with @jasonmfetzer here. Focus one thing learn it that indept that you could dream it :3

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@thepiyushaggarwal woah, the same thing used to happen to me. I know how it feels and how to overcome it. The short answer is: Ask questions to yourself.

Let me elaborate it a bit.

Ask to yourself: why I don’t understand certain things?
Answer: Accept it. Nobody can understand everything.

Ask to yourself: what to do if I don’t understand certain things?
Answer: Google. Yes you need to google a lot. Trust me I have learned HTML and CSS just through googling and inspecting other websites.

Ask to yourself: why I start going to other resources?
Answer: Because we human beings want to experience the feeling of the comfort zone. We start thinking that we won’t need to struggle in w3schools. But the harsh truth is: if you don’t struggle that means you aren’t learning :). We struggle when we learn.

Ask to yourself: now, how to stick to one place?
Answer: It’s easy. Just promise to yourself that you will complete this course :slight_smile: and believe in the curriculum. You can always refer to other websites like MDN, w3schools, etc but make sure you do what you set for yourself.

You know from inside that changing courses will lead to nothing so stick to one place.

You can do it! Just don’t give up.


I am really stuck at REACT, so I’m getting through the small courses on FCC to get a better understanding. It’s okay if you are stuck–everybody has different talents.