Stuck in Applied Visual Design : create horizontal line

Hello, i am a newbie here :grinning:
While doing the Applied Visual Design basic exercise, i came into this. The question was very simple, just insert an hr (horizontal) tag underneath the h4 title, above the p (paragraph) tag element. Yet even after i did this, i just keep getting the β€˜The hr tag should come between the title and the paragraph.’ message.

Dear admins, please help a newbie, thank you.

I believe that there is a known bug with this challenge. If you look at the other topics in this forum for the challenge (the search feature works well), you will find some where people explain how to work around it. Alternatively, you can just skip this challenge and move on to the next one.

From searching, i found out that the solution is to move the em tag outside the p tag, thanks for the suggestion.:+1:

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