Stuck in basic CSS course


I’m following along with the basic CSS course and I’m up to the point where I need to style an attribute (a radio type in this case).

I seem to have entered the exact syntax needed, yet it gives me the following error:
// running tests The


attribute selector should be used to select the checkboxes. The top margins of the checkboxes should be 10px. The bottom margins of the checkboxes should be 15px. // tests completed

Attached is a screenshot of my solution. What am I missing here?
Is the ’ symbol on my Azerty Macbook keyboard perhaps a different one? I even copy-pasted the set-up from the challenge to make sure I got the right symbols…

hey , next time you can use ask help option if you are facing any issue
can you share your code here

Oh my god, I’m an idiot.
I needed to style the ‘checkbox’ type, not ‘radio’.

Beginner’s stupidity I guess :man_facepalming:

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