Stuck in building a Cat Photo App on Step 14


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A cute orange cat lying on its back. and the hints show as follows: Your anchor (`a` ) element does not have a `target` attribute. Check that there is a space after the opening tag's name and/or there are spaces before all attribute names. so where should I add the "target" attribute.
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We need more information normally to help you but someone asked a similar question on this exact step, Your cat photos will have a <a></a> after the href="" add target="_blank" so like this <a href=", target="_blank">
good luck coding <3

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Great work! The ‘target=’ attribute should go inside the opening ‘a’ tag. The order doesn’t matter as long as the ‘a’ in the link tag is first and the spacing between attributes is proper.
It will look something like this.

<a href="url" target="_blank">cat photos</a>

Good luck!