Stuck in the web design project

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

I am fairly new in the world of coding and web development, so please excuse me if that question has already been asked.

I ve made a tribute and a survey page that passed all the conditions in the test suite template and, yet, my pages are not validated in my curriculum. Still stuck at 20%.

Is there someone who could enlighten me as to why they are not validated in the main curriculum?

All help would be appreciated.

the Projects section has a progress bar, like the previous sections, you are at 20% of the Responsive Design Projects section, as in, you have submitted one of the five projects (remember to use the submit and go to next challenge button to submit your project)

to know if your project has passed you need to use the given test suite, and for suggestions on how to get better you can open a topic in #project-feedback and post a link to your project

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Thank you very much for your quick answer !

I fear that i was not clear enough.

The progress bar stay stuck at 20% even after i submitted my second project.

do you have the check mark in the list of challenges for that one?

Nope. Not check mark whatsoever for the moment.

then it seems you have not submitted it
please try again

Maybe this is where i am at fault.
I worked from a text editor and pasted a link like so: file:///home/brizou/projet2.html .

Maybe that is why it is not working.

THAT was it…

Again a warn thanks to you for your quick reaction.

Have a nice day or night, depending on where you are !

you need to submit the link to a live version accessible online, a local version can’t be submitted