Stuck on 12/16 on the Technical Documentation Page

Trying to fix for hours now, everything looks good. I really don’t know what to do next.

You don’t currently have the test suite in this project so we can’t see what tests you are failing. Have you read the red error messages for each test that is failing? They usually tell you exactly what the problem is.


You have a small typo in your class on line 12.

For test 16:

Your nav element doesn’t seem to move to the left side of the screen, just the ul element does.

So sorry, i edited the link pls take a look i tried googling error but the solution seems to check out with the code…Im missing something obvious Im afraid :slight_smile:

These aren’t the types of errors you can google for solutions. You just have to follow the instructions precisely. Even a tiny mistake can cause a test to fail. Let’s take the first test that is failing:

"10. Additionally, the navbar should contain link (<a>) elements with the class of “nav-link”. There should be one for every element with the class “main-section”.
“There should be one .nav-link for every element with the class of “main-section”, and every .nav-link should be within #navbar : expected 10 to equal 11”

Notice how it is saying it expected 10 to equal 11. That means that the test only thinks you have 10 links in your nav menu that meet the requirements. And this is true. If you look very closely at your links you will notice that one has an error, a typo to be exact, it is missing something. Look closely at the class attribute for each link.

After you fix this one then you just go through the other errors figuring out what you accidentally missed and fix it. Soon you’ll be passing.

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Can i get a hint for the last one

I think you need to do the positioning on the <nav>. not on the <ul> inside the nav.

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