Stuck on 15/16 Tests in "Product Landing Pagee"

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So I’m starting to code and aproaching my 3rd test the landing page.

I Usually start building my test pages around the user experiences first, so that they are passing the tests, and then give them some design so don’t judge the state of the code :smiley:

My Problem: If u run the test you will see that I cant get the nav-link test to pass even tho I linked all 3 of them to a position in the site…

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The issue is somewhere in line 124 to 126:

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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use a tag insted of button tag and style accoding to you

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Hey thank you it worked! But I Still don’t understand what was the problem with the Buttons. Hmmm…

according to condition you should use a tag,
this are freecodecamp condition to pass test but in actual project you can use whatever you want.

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The tests don’t want to see a button tag.
They are super picky.

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