Stuck on anchor jump to bottom

Lame to be stuck so early, but it keeps telling me there should only be one anchor, where is the other one??

Also, how the hell am I adding picture of code?

Don’t worry about “Lame to be stuck so early” - it happens.

Welcome to the forum.

But it would be more helpful when you have a problem if you select the “Get Help” button and select “Ask for help” instead of posting an image.

But looking at your code, it doesn’t seem that your anchor is properly formed. I don’t see a closing angle bracket before the text. There should be an opening tag and a closing tag. Your closing tag looks good, but your opening tag is incomplete.

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Ermegerd, I knew it would be something dumb. Fixed! Thanks so much!

Get used to “dumb mistakes” - it’s a part of being a developer. Yeah, I know, it drives you crazy, but sometimes it’s easier for someone else to see. In pre-covid times, I would often just turn to my cubicle mate and in exasperation ask him to see what I was missing. I’d do the same for him.

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