Stuck on creating/placing a thumbnail on my portfolio webpage

I’m a couple weeks in and working on my portfolio website. I’ve looked online for help, but nothing is making sense for me.

I am trying to use a thumbnail link to my tribute page. Right now, it shows a broken picture icon and displays the alt text. Here is my code:

Thumbnail image of a tribute page to President Ronald Reagan.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look!

Oh, my! So the code is showing as its mistake. Ugh. Here is the link to the actual pen.

You are just linking to the tribute page (the pen itself), but that isn’t an image. You most likely want the link to the picture of Reagan (

I do have an image of Reagan on the tribute project. For this website I want to create a thumbnail of the project itself.

I understand that, but you can’t link to a HTML file for a picture. If you want a thumbnail, you will have to make a screenshot and link to that.

What you want:

<a href="LINK_TO_PEN">
  <img src="LINK_TO_THUMBNAIL" />

Note: By putting triple backticks before and after the code block, your code will display as intended.

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Ahhh, okay. I got it. Thank you!