Stuck on CSS fonts section

I am unable to procced to next page.
It just says “Your h2 element should degrade to monospace”.
Tried everything but no luck.
Kindly help!

Have you tried without quotes?

Ups, didn’t notice the second h2.

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You have two ‘h2’ elements, it probably doesn’t know which one to chose from.
As @jenovs said, try without quotes!

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Your font is not degrading because of CSS cascading effects, if you notice on line 5, you’re telling to degrade to monospace, but then on line 8, you’re creating another rule for h2 telling it to use Lobster (with not fall back) therefore, you can either

1 - Add monospace to your second h2 rule
2- Delete lines 8-10 to keep your code DRY (Don’t repeat yourself)

That should work

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Thanks a ton! Stupid me, kept missing the second h2 tag.
It worked now

Yes.Thanks a lot.It worked!