Stuck on exercise-tracker

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I keep failing on this test:
You can POST to /api/exercise/add with form data userId=_id , description , duration , and optionally date . If no date is supplied, the current date will be used. The response returned will be the user object with the exercise fields added.
As far as I can tell it is behaving perfectly, except that it fails the test.
This is the response from adding an exercise to the log:
{"_id":“605135e4b3ee8000a3201b3c”,“username”:“fcc_test_16159349479”,“date”:“Sat Dec 12 2020”,“duration”:12,“description”:“test”}
This is the response provided by the solution:
{"_id":“5ec3c38cc530e526ad533782”,“username”:“5WfZFvsBK”,“date”:“Sat Dec 12 2020”,“duration”:234,“description”:“43534”}

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Challenge: Exercise Tracker

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Hello there,

It appears you have not used the correct boilerplate for this project. This is for the URL Shortener Project:

  var num = req.params.num;

const query = URL.findOne({short_url:num})
.then(urls => {

You are likely to get unexpected results, if you are using the incorrect boilerplate.

Hope this clarifies.

Ok moved the relevant code into the boiler plate as suggested, same result. New solution file:

Nevermind. For anyone else having the same problem, the issues was that it wanted DD for the date.
I was using a single digit day.