Stuck on finding a job as a developer

I have finished a two years training in software and web development and also finished the front-end ,back-end development in FCC Currently i code in many languages (i know knowing more languages doesn’t get a job as a programmer but i did since i had so many free time) now the problem is i don’t know how or where to apply for a job as a programmer if anyone has any information please tell me.
i’m interested in job offers abroad so any suggestion can be helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

PS : sorry for any language Mistakes, still in the process of learning English :smile:

I don’t know what the most popular recruiting websites are in your area. Around here it’s LinkedIn and Indeed. Start applying online, researching local companies you’re interested in and contacting them directly, and attending networking events and talking to people.


Since you have two years of experience and can code in many languages, you may also want to consider having a look at and search for your country, city and the keyword remote to see if there is anything suitable.

All the best with job hunting. :slight_smile: