Stuck on Golf Code. The "Par" section doesn't work

I’m stuck on the golf question and I’m doing everything else right except that last section which is meant to execute “Par”. I typed in strokes === par but nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong here?

var names = ["Hole-in-one!", "Eagle", "Birdie", "Par", "Bogey", "Double Bogey", "Go Home!"];
function golfScore(par, strokes) {
  // Only change code below this line
  if (strokes === 1) {
    return names[0];
  } else if (strokes <= par-2) {
    return names[1];
  } else if (strokes = par-1) {
    return names[2];
  } else if (strokes === par) {
    return names[3];
  // Only change code above this line

// Change these values to test
golfScore(5, 4);

Link to the challenge:

Look at the condition here. You shouldn’t use =

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The conditionals are evaluated in sequence, and in the check above the check for par, you’ve used the assignment operator in the else if before the check for par instead of the == or === operators, so you’ve set the value of strokes now to par -1 , hence it fails.

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Thank you so much! Just completed it

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: Typo errors can be a pain to find.