Stuck on HTML code for local page link/html lesson sources

Hi everyone,
So nice to find this forum, how is everyone today?
I have just started learning HTML and please excuse me but I am very new to it and learning by myself.
I just wanted to ask two things please, the first, where is the best place to learn HTML please. There seem to be so many different sources it’s really confusing as to where to start, I have used the w3schools before and have HTML5 and CSS for Dummies, but the latter seems to focus more on the theory (which is fine) rather then actually building a page from scratch?
Secondly, I am stuck linking a text link in a list from my index page to my contact page:

<li><a href=file:///Users/claire/Desktop/myFirst.html</a>

I am using Komodo?

I know it’s probably really simple but as I said I am very new to this. TIA.

I strongly recommend using freeCodeCamp’s curriculum.

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You should check out MDN. Here is the HTML section, check out the HTML Tutorials. The interneting is hard site is pretty good as well. And has a nice resources page.

There are also a lot of beginner tutorials on YouTube.

HTML & CSS Crash Course Tutorial
Web Development Crash Courses

As for your second question. When linking the files you generally want to use relative paths, not absolute. You also shouldn’t use the local file system path. Checkout the links and images page from the “interneting is hard” site.

Thank you :wink: I will check these out!