Stuck on Increment section

Confused a little on what the extra change I need to make looks like.

EDIT* I did clear it out like the video and put myVar++ and still doesn’t do the trick

Welcome, Blindside.

For future posts, it is a lot easier for you to get help, if you hit the “Get Help” button on the challenge. A prepopulated forum post will be made, where you can fill in some details asking for help. This way, your code is included. So, please do not post screenshots of code, as this is not very helpful.

To answer your question: You have done most of the challenge correctly, but then you explicitly assigned the value 88 to myVar. Do you understand that the ++ increment operator adds 1 to the variable?

Sorry about that, I understand it increments by one.

I figured it out,.
looks like on Line 4 I should have JUST put “myVar++.”

Why do you have this line?

myVar = 88