Stuck on issue with portfolio!

For some reason I can’t create text over a div that is assigned to a class with a background-image! Its driving me crazy. Any ideas? Here is the link to my portfolio!

I am looking at your site with phone. And your nav bar is fixed. I cant see anything causo of that. And why are you using inline style. I think it is better for you to use css bar for everything

Your text is hidden under the navigation bar. Try adding e.g. “padding-top: 200px;” to your text (e.g. to .sectOne).

Btw. i am a newbie, so i don’t know if this is the best way to fix it.

It also appears that your image is massive so I’d try to resize it to fit, such as via background-size. In addition to Kirhchoff’s suggestion regarding moving the containing div down below your nav items.