Stuck on last task for Responsive Web Design Certificate

Could anybody here please help as I am stuck on the very last task to complete this certificate?

7. The navbar should contain at least one link that I can click on to navigate to different sections of the page.

I understand the theory, but for some strange reason it’s not working and I just want to finish it and move on to the new certificate as this one is now a Legacy version (so frustrating!!!)

It’s probably something really simple but I have been looking at it for far too long. I know the design isn’t great but I am just focusing on the theory first. Thanks in advance.

You do not have enough content on the page for it to scroll and the test needs that to happen.

At least one navbar link should move the page position when clicked : expected false to be true

If you add:

body {
  height: 2000px;

Now you will see a new test fail (the test for the fixed nav)

FYI, the new curriculum also has this project as one of the certificate projects.

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Thank you of course makes complete sense, I put an image in to budge the Content down and that works, but now I am having an issue with the Navbar, how do I please fix it to the top? I would assume in CSS I would put navigation position fixed please?

So now I have the navbar sorted but can’t get the anchor to work
I am honestly on the verge of giving up

Looking over your codepen code I notice you have no closing tag for your nav element. You also have no closing html tag at the end of your document.

Thank you - that worked in Codepen!
Unfortunately now doesn’t work in FCC where I have to code to get the cert now it’s Legacy.
I guess I’ve been looking at it way too long and missing things!

It also appears your @media is targeting the header element but you have not included a header element in your HTML. Also this @media query is missing a closing curly brace.

So, I played around with your project and got it to pass. In order to get it to pass all you should have to do is link the CSS by using

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

In the <head> element.

Thank you so much!
I’ve been with the kids all day so a bit worn out so hoping to get back to it next week :pray:

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