Stuck On Markdown Previewer?

Hi there,

Sorry if this post sounds pathetic - I’m just feeling a little lost at the moment. I’ve arrived at the point in the course where I have been tasked with designing a Markdown Previewer and… I just feel seriously out of my element at this point and I’m not sure what to do? Like, looking at the example version of what they’ve asked me to create, I don’t feel like any of it all looks particularly familiar to what I’ve done up until this point.

Am I meant to go elsewhere at this point in the course? Like, to Khan or Udemy or something to understand the gap? I really feel overwhelmed and underprepared to try and make a project like this. It feels very beyond the scope of what I’ve learned so far. I know there are tutorials for this project out there but looking at them feels like cheating, so to speak.

Is there something I’m missing at this juncture?

Any help deeply appreciated, I hope this doesn’t all come across overly whiney. I definitely do want to pursue this, just feeling a bit underwater at the moment. Let me know.


Yeah, it’s always a tough transition when you get to the projects. And I remember that one as being weird.

My advice is to break it down into pieces. I think what I did was to design the basic layout (not worrying about styling) with just dummy text. Then I started on the first user story and started working on them, one by one. Then I did the styling.

Actually I think that first I needed to do a little test app to do the most difficult part - the markdown. I just made an app, stored some markdown in a string and tried to get it to output to the screen. Notice what the description says: (HINT: “You don’t need to parse Markdown yourself - you can import the Marked library for this:”

Being able to break complex problems into more manageable chunks is an important skills. Ten small problems and so much easier to solve than one huge one.

Oh damn, I totally missed that hint about Marked - I’ll have a look. Cheers!

Yeah, it’s good for a dev to get good at reading closely and paying attention to fine details.

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