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My intention is to use regex to eliminate stray spaces and punctuation marks. That would get all the test cases to an even playing field and I could figure out what to do from there.

However, I can’t get rid of this pesky dash and I thought that \W and \s would indicate sequences where there is a non-alphanumeric character(i.e. ‘-’) after a series of alphabet characters (\w+). This isn’t happening and I must be misunderstanding the regex (or something else?).

Regardless, I need some help.

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function spinalCase(str) {

 //remove non-space characters and space characters occuring after a series of alphabetic characters, replace only alphabetic characters

let result = str.replace(/^\w+\s$/gi, /[a-z]/gi);


 return result;

spinalCase("AllThe-small Things");
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Challenge: Spinal Tap Case

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This regex /^\w+\s$/gi reads as: from the beginning (^) match alphanumeric characters plus underscore (\w) one or multiple times (+) followed by space (\s) which is at the end of the string ($). Search globally (g), ignoring case (i).

So "AllThe-small Things" doesn’t match. But "AllThe_small " would.

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