Stuck on one last test for Random Quote Machine

So for some reason when I run the test for the random quote machine,
it says that I am not fetching and displaying the new quote’s author when the #new-quote button is clicked. However, it says I am displaying the new quote even though I am fetching and displaying both the quote and the author at the same time with the same method.

Here’s the link to the editor view for my CodePen:

I apologize if it’s a little messy looking. Thanks for reading and for any help I get.

Use currentQuote, currentText etc as react state:
this.state = {
currentQuote: “”,
currentText: “”,

then use setState to change. Thats how react know about changes.
currentQuote: “your new quote”

also, that’s the correct way to do it if you are gonna use the react component.

I’ve changed the code so currentQuote is a state and the react component returns the state. However, I am still having the same issue where the code camp test says that I am not displaying a new author on button click.