Stuck on several project tile issues with Personal Portfolio project

I’m having issues with my Portfolio page locate here
FCC Portfolio
I divided my project-tile page into two columns but for some reason my tiles are pushed left of the screen. I added some padding from the left but I can’t seem to figure out why it’s happening. I’m also having issues with my 4th project tile. The fourth tile always ends up smaller or bigger than the other 3 tiles at all times whether full page or resized.

You must have figured it out? I didn’t see any problem other than the welcome section does not respond well to different screen sizes.

No. I haven’t. I use Chrome but Firefox has the same issue. This is what’s happening

Just figured it out. My width on the tech docs tile was set to 93% while the others were set at 100%.

If you want several items to have the same width, I would suggest setting the width by class in css rather than inline for each element. It avoids this type of mistake. And makes your code more DRY.