Stuck on "Starting Virtual Server"

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My borwser window is stuck on “Starting Virtual server”.
Please help me with this!

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Challenge: Build a Mario Database

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Sorry for your troubles @bharatgupta68823. This is still in beta and we are continuously trying to make the experience more smooth and reliable. I’ve seen a number of reports like this lately, I will see if we can find what the problem is and let you know if there’s a solution you can use - or if we have a fix. Thanks for your patience.

This should be resolved. Let us know if you are still facing issues.

Hi. I’m now having the same issue where the status for starting virtual server keeps on spinning. Is the server down during the time I’m trying to login?


Apologies, you are facing this issue again. We have taken up with the concerned team. You can follow along in this issue.

Thanks. I’m now able to start the virtual server again the next day. It appears your team fixed the issue.

I am having the same starting virtual server issue for learn bash script

have you tried the troubleshooting steps in the pinned post?

I also have the same problem, i just want to start the course but i am stuck on loading virtual server, what do i do?

try emailing to see if there is a known issue or if they have some other explanation for this