Stuck on step 11 of making the Cat Photo App. Help from the community is greatly appreciated

I already reviewed many times theline of code and still can’t identify what I’m doing wrong.

So please y’all, help me out on this matter. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi there and welcome to our community!

It’s much easier for us to help you if we can see exactly what you’re stuck on and what code you’ve tried.

If you need help with a particular challenge, it’s best to click on the Help button, which appears after you have submitted incorrect code three times.

This will create a forum post which automatically includes your full code, a direct link to the challenge and an opportunity for you to describe your issue in detail.

This line says to to add an anchor text. Suppose you have visited a website and somewhere you’ve seen a text “Click Me”. You clicked and this redirected you to a new site.

Here, the “Click Me” Text is anchor text which embedded in the anchor tag. here I have shown where you will keep anchor text.

a href=“”>(Anchor Text)</a

solution of 11th problem,

a href=“”>link to cat pictures </a

Tareque Mahmud, hi!

Thank you so much for your quick response. I greatly appreciated.

I understood your explanation, and did exactly what you’ve said.

Despite of that, I’m still stuck on the matter and unable to keep moving forward.

I’m copying and paste the line of code of the step 11th of the Cat app photo gallery so you can better assist me on identifying the error:

Click hete to go to the Cat’s photo gallery

I would greatly appreciate if you could take a look at it and give me a feedback.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

Best regards.

The instructions for Step 11:

Add the anchor text link to cat pictures to the anchor element. This will become the link’s text.

Your link text is incorrect.

Like I said, it’s easier for us to help you if you provide a link to the step and your full code, which can be done automatically with the Help button.