Stuck on the last step of ‘Loading remote environment’

I am totally fed up about relation database course. When i tried to launch any of the lesson from the course it’s stuck on the “starting virtual server”!! I tried every methods you guys said on the forum. I also checkout whole pinned conversation & comments. What should i do now?? I literally waste more than 1 weeks on this stupid problem. Everyday i face the same issue constantly. It’s merely open if your luck is goood enough !! It’s totally impossible to continue the course with this problem. Already lost many valuable hour from my life…HOw could i continue , please suggest…I have nothing left to try…Here i give you my capture ss also:-

Sorry for your troubles @shamsunnabi.taqib. Keep in mind, this is still in beta and we are continuously trying to make the experience more smooth and reliable. I’ve seen a number of reports like this lately, I will see if I can find what the problem is and let you know if there’s a solution you can use - or if we have a fix.

This should be resolved. Let us know if you are still facing issues.

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